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MPnL Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Robyn Rooks.  Robyn spent 12 years at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing facility in Georgetown, KY after which he spent three years as a Senior Lean Consultant with a leading global consultation firm before forming MPnL.


Why Choose MPnL?

MPnL is a management consulting firm that has been uniquely designed to create and add value to manufacturing, product development and supply chain companies.  We can help achieve lower cost through waste reduction, improved productivity, restructuring of your production control and improvement of time to market, at the same time building a lean culture within your organization.

We do not practice a cookie-cutter or one size fits all approach to implementing lean.  The principles of TPS will work for any business model and it succeeds when we learn from you and understand what approach works best for your organization.  Then we apply and teach the TPS principles that best fit your specific need to insure success. This does not mean cherry picking the easy stuff, but rather, helping you build your Production System tailored to your specific business requirements.  MPnL takes the Toyota approach to improvement by asking a simple question, "What is best for the business?" not “What is best for me?”  Change comes when we use factual data from the process to make decisions… not emotion!

We do not want to be a permanent fixture in your plant!  MPnL works with a cross functional plant team to truly pass the knowledge.  We will train, assign homework and check progress between visits.  Our visit schedule usually works on a two day visit at a two week interval.  This strengthens your ability to move faster and reinforces your commitment on your lean journey.

We build client specific training programs which belong to your organization supporting in-house training for your production system.  Every visit is designed to be a “train-the-trainer” visit using the team members to learn, understand, succeed and fail on each element.  Yes, "fail".  We teach the Toyota method and with Toyota it is ok to fail.  That is the way we learn! 

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MPnL President, Robyn Rooks

Robyn has been helping companies in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe for the past ten years to develop and implement lean production systems with great success.  He has worked in the non-union and union environments creating a culture change within these organizations by working with management and the shop floor.  Building a "doing it with you" not a "doing it to you" culture.
Robyn started his lean career in 1988 at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (TMMK) in Georgetown, KY where he was one of the original 1700 employees hired to start the facility.  Robyn spent two years on the production floor learning the material flow of TPS.  He spent six years in the pilot "new model prototype" organization designing inter-departmental, external and internal assembly route delivery systems and balancing work content, writing standard work, designing supermarket layouts, setting Kanban standards, ensuring flow and performing packaging approvals for new models.  Robyn spent four years in the production control and conveyance department, as a specialist, where he performed monthly planning for overseas suppliers, was North American Engineering Change implementation coordinator, was Build-out and Start-up coordinator, and as a North American parts ordering specialist was responsible for ordering components for the assembly lines.  Robyn worked directly with suppliers to develop a Lean environment to support the needs of TMMK.
One of the greatest assets Robyn brings to an organization is the knowledge gained from holding positions within Toyota that required him to have a "trainer" sensei the entire span of his career.  Robyn teaches as he was taught. “First do then Kaizen”.