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MPnL offers solutions to help you transform your business. 

  • Lean Manufacturing Solutions
  • Lean Boot Camp and Flow Simulation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Plant Layout Optimization
  • Product Introduction and Model  Change Coordination

We tailor the concepts of TPS to meet your business needs, we don't cherrypick the methodologies, but rather understand that not everyone builds automobiles and therefore, we study your business, apply the correct approach to remove waste and reduce cost of doing business.


Lean Manufacturing Solutions

MPnL practitioners understand many business models.  To help start the Lean journey we will coach your team to truly know and understand your total business from value stream to supply chain.  Applying the “Plan-Do-Check-Action” (PDCA) method, we will walk you through getting started on the path to sustainability.  The typical Lean Journey takes from three to five years to build your team to a point of understanding and sustainability that will enable the organization to perform the Lean Methodologies on its own.
MPnL will coach you on understanding your Value Stream(s) you rely on to support your customers needs.  By coaching your team on Material and Information Mapping you will create current state (CSM) and future state (FSM) maps, your roadmap for your lean journey, or the “Plan” in PDCA.
From your CSM, we will train your team on Value Added and Non-Value Added (waste) activities found within your value streams.  Finding this waste will allow us to add Kaizen burst to your CSM, giving you high-level and low-level action items to focus on to improve flow and cut cost.  The “Do” in PDCA.
Once we have your roadmap, waste identified and action items to focus on, MPnL practitioners will:
  • Help you develop a Plan-For-Every-Part (PFEP), your master plan for moving material through your supply chain. Getting you on the path to “Just-In-Time”  A pillar of the Toyota Production System.
  • Coach you on Total Quality Management (TQM) producing a quality part the first time, “Jidoka", or "Built-In-Quality” the second pillar of the Toyota Production System.  We tell our clients, "It cost at least three times as much to make a bad part as it does to make a good part". Understanding your scrap issues are key.  Be it process or product, scrap is a main contributor to cost in a value stream.
  • Help you develop a 5S - Visual Factory, allowing everyone to manage by sight, knowing the state of the business at any time.  A goal of a visual factory should be, you should be able to understand the state of a line, department, etc. within five minutes or less without having to ask anyone, open a book or search on a computer. 
  • Lead Total Preventive Management (TPM) activities, helping you bring your equipment back to its ideal state, at the same time implementing Autonomous Maintenance programs. Autonomous Maintenance allows an organization to let the operators become the eyes and ears of the maintenance department. The operator lives with the process eight hours a day, so use that knowledge. We can’t continue to have the thought process of “operators only operate” and “maintenance maintains” in a lean environment.
  • Lead Quick Change-Over Activities, helping you gain production time out of your downtime associated with long change-over.  A 50% reduction in Change-Over time usually equates to a 50% reduction in batch size.
  • Train you on line balance, line layout, process layout and writing standardized work to support these efforts.  All elements of lean are there to help you build stability into your value stream processes.  This stability has to be in place to allow us to develop true “Standardized Work”.
  • Train you on timed material delivery routes, supermarket layouts, internal/external Kanban development.  Develop dock management techniques to support internal/external supplier metrics.
  • Help you establish shop floor, value stream, supply chain and corporate metrics to measure your progress and success.  The “Check” in PDCA.  From these metric results, we will support your team in identifying improvements through data analysis to understand where the next steps need to be taken to reduce leadtime and reduce cost.  The “Action” in PDCA.
  • Help you identify, measure and remove environmental issues, from high cost lighting to landfill reduction.
Above all, we will train your management and work force on becoming Lean.  Lean will change the way you think about managing a work force.  The shift in a culture comes when the shop floor embraces Practical Problem Solving (5-Why's), using the power of the shop floor knowledge will speed your Lean journey and ensure continuious improvement (Kaizen).
Contact us to learn more about all of our offered solutions.

Lean Boot Camp and Flow Simulation 

MPnL has developed a Lean Boot Camp supported by a simulation to aid in transferring the philosophies of Flow and TPS.  The Boot Camp is a two day event held at your facility, utilizing 16 to 20 of your key management and floor personnel.  The Boot Camp takes you through all aspects of Lean, from 5S to Capacity Planning. 

The simulation consist of three rounds :

  • Round one - Your team will build cars in the traditional “MASS” manufacturing style.
  • Round two - The team will build on a “FLOW” and “Just-In-Time”  line environment. 
  • Round three – The team will Kaizen the "FLOW" and "Just-In-Time" line from round two, create a PFEP, rebalance the line, reduce waste and rewrite standardized work.

Kaizen is continuous improvement and the simulation is designed to promote and reinforce the importance of always moving forward and adopting the philosophy of “It is never good enough”.

Supply Chain Management

MPnL has its roots in the Production Control environment which allows us to understand the importance of good material flow and inventory planning.  We can support and coach you on the best methods of “Just-In-Time” from simple Kanban to monthly planning.

MPnL has worked hard to partner with some of the best 3PL providers in the industry. Our partners provide dedicated logistics for Toyota and other large companies. Services range from taking your daily component order plan and handling it from order to delivery, milkrun consolidation and expedite coordination. 
We also work with providers that manage your overseas orders.
Combining your orders with other companies through their vanning center, providing you with:
  • Local supplier identification
  • Pick-up from supplier
  • Arranging transportation methods
  • Expedite coordination
  • Customs control and brokering
  • Container breakout at their facility
  • Delivery directly to your receiving dock

Allowing cost savings for all parties through reduction in delivery frequency, leadtime and time zone constraints.  These elements are usually a prerequisite for you to maintain a presence in the area or by you hiring a local broker to find a supplier, manage that supplier and arrange logistics on a longer order cycle leadtime due to “having to fill a container before shipment”.  Remember, leadtime equates to inventory! 

Fixing the material flow within your four walls will only get you part way down the lean path, the true cost savings will be when the organization focuses on the total supply chain and is able to reduce inventory through smaller quantities and more frequent deliveries.  Better known as Just-In-Time!

Plant Layout Optimization

MPnL realizes that when we talk about “Flow”, the facility has to allow this concept to evolve. This is why we will help you optimize your plant layout, providing analysis for:

  • Your existing production floor layout to determine if machine/process placement is conducive to flow
  • Downsizing of operations into a current facility
  • Preparation for a new (Green Field) site
  • Gaining space by reducing waste in the current physical layout to prepare for introduction of new business

We will take your plant layout drawings and select the value streams within the facility and prepare a spaghetti diagram showing the current flow of material through the facility. After reviewing this diagram with you, MPnL and your team will begin to breakdown the value streams, reorganize work into appropriate cellular design, determine the “Pacemaker Process”, suggest FIFO, mini-WIP markets at points of manufacture, develop supermarkets and propose delivery routes throughout the facility.

Product Introduction and Model Change Coordination

One of the most costly endeavors a company can undertake is that of launching a new product or performing a model change the wrong way.  Most companies perform what we call “fence engineering”.  Engineers do the launch or change in a vacuum, pitch their vision of what the product and process should look like to the manufacturing areas with very little or no input from those that will be performing the manufacturing of the new product, and hope for the best. 
At MPnL, we use the Toyota prototyping model of master scheduling, supplier involvement and shop floor involvement to take the engineering drafts and build a workable and sustainable process. Toyota wrote the book on bringing a product to market in record time.  
We follow the process from helping you setup a pilot program, performing packaging trials, supply chain coordination, writing standard work and running pilot and line-off trials. Toyota believes you spend 90% of your money up front on a model change and hand over to the production floor the best process possible!