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Risk Free Process

Will MPnL disrupt my workforce?  Can they really help streamline my operations?  Will I really see a ROI on my investment, and how long will it take?  Is now the right time to bring MPnL on board to work with my team?


MPnL practitioners are former members of management in manufacturing operations, giving them a clear understanding of these concerns.  We work to be as unobtrusive as possible to your staff, but at the same time we have to draw on the knowledge of your staff and shop floor to drive change, with minimal disruption to production.

  • Initial analysis – covering a review of your production facility, value stream identification, waste identification and potential cost reduction opportunities.  We will perform a Lean Assessment during our initial visit to show your lean level in your current state.
  • Phased plan – should you decide to retain MPnL we’ll create and help implement a detail phased implementation plan, based on our Value Stream Mapping exercise creating a roadmap for your Lean Journey.
  • Constant communication – we’ll provide you with detailed and frequent updates, keeping management abreast of all recommendations and activities.                              


How do I choose a Lean Practitioner?
When choosing a Sensei to help coach you in transitioning your operations from “traditional” to Lean you need to make the correct choice or the decision could cost you millions.  At MPnL we are practitioners of Lean stemming from our working at and being trained by Toyota.
Anyone can read the books, hang out a sign and call themselves consultants.  We want you to make the right choice in your search that is the reason we have listed some “key” attributes to look for in choosing a coach for your team and organization.

Experience Implementing Lean Systems:  Most writings on lean have to do with assembly line flow, in the real world this is the furthest thing from the truth.  Many industry types abound and the majority process, and will continue to process, in batch.  An understanding of these different industries show strength in your coach.  Having implemented 4 or 5 successful lean initiatives is not the experience needed, look for someone that has coached, learned from and has had successful sustainability in 40 to 50 client sites.

Creditability:  A successful coach will have the ability to motivate your work force from the shop floor to the boardroom.  The coach should be able to translate the philosophies of lean to all levels; bring out the knowledge from the shop floor and transition ownership of the process to the site management.

Action:  Your coach should be very demanding of you and your team.  Results should be the main focus and an attitude of DO IT!  DO IT NOW!  Results come from you and your team and stalling for a moment puts you behind.  Lean builds upon itself and you cannot move forward until you finish the previous discipline, therefore, you should hear “You’re not moving fast enough” quite often, if not, you have not chosen wisely.  Having been trained by some of the best trainers at Toyota I have heard more than once, “Business is war” and “We can never rest in our search for waste”.

Process:  Look for a coach that has an overall proven process.  A process that will not only give you quick gains and returns from quick hitting activities, but one that will give a sustainable return and foster continuous improvement long after they have finished their contract.  Be very aware of those that are, or have, a “solution looking for a problem”! When you are looking at their process the ROI should exceed a minimum of 10 to 1.  These gains are not only on the shoulders of the coach but on the pressure and time you apply to your operation, but ROI has to be a driving force in choosing a coach for your team.

Vision:  The coach should be able to walk onto the production floor on his initial visit, spend a couple of hours asking questions and walking the value stream from shipping dock to the point of schedule and offer you a vision of FLOW.  Having "eyes for flow" and "eyes for waste" ,after all, is what you are hiring them for.

Value vs Cost:  When you start your search for a lean practitioner to help transform your operation into a World Class organization, going with the “low-cost bidder” may save you thousands and cost you millions!  Choose wisely, the best value is generally NOT the least expensive.  Remember, this is literally “major surgery” for your company! Hire the best, the pay off in the end is well worth it.

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